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Smib x Mascotte

Discover the Smib x Mascotte 'Woub Stie Kit'. A curated collection featuring iconic designs and essential tools that showcase our dedication to innovation and style. Let’s raise the quality of high.



Mascotte and festivals have always been a great match. From hosting stages to providing hangouts: we've done it all. And this year, we're back at it. Bigger, better, and more immersive than ever. Come visit us at Wildeburg, No Art Festival, Rolling Loud, and many more. See you there!

Mascotte King Size Papers

Experts recognise our commitment. They understand that rolling paper is a crucial part of their experience and hate to compromise. That's why they consistently use our rolling papers. And that's why we confidently say: you recognise an expert when you see Mascotte. 

From original and pink to unbleached rolling papers: Mascotte makes it. For those who recognise quality, and choose the best in everything they do. When you recognise quality, there are no compromises.

Have you tried our rolling papers yet? Find our collection King Size Papers here

Filters a lot, but not your high.

Mascotte Active Slim Filters

Mascotte Active Slim Filters filter out all the unwanted with natural carbon particles from coconut shells. This ensures a pure and powerful experience. On both sides of the filter are heat-resistant ceramic caps that ensure optimum draw. Inside, coconut shell carbon is incorporated, which filters out the sharp edges and ensures a smooth and pure experience without affecting the THC content. 

Curious about our active filters? Take a look.

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