Amsterdam Genetics - Mascotte

Mascotte and Amsterdam Genetics: passion for high end sophistication converges

Mascotte and Amsterdam Genetics are teaming up, forming a co-op that led to the development of four exclusive rolling paper editions (Brown king size & slim size and Original king size & slim size) designed for conscious smokers. These high-end papers, featuring golden packaging and custom watermarks, are available now at Mascotte and Amsterdam Genetics.

‘You recognise the quality straight away’, Mascotte’s Karel van Wesemael remarks. ‘It fits us, and it fits Amsterdam Genetics, too. Both our brands represent superior quality, resulting in a synergy that is mutually reinforcing. For years now, Amsterdam Genetics has been developing first-class cannabis seeds. That’s a natural match for our rolling papers, obviously. Now, through our collective efforts, expert rollers can turn to Amsterdam Genetics for Mascotte papers of the highest quality available.”

At Amsterdam Genetics, they’re equally excited about their Mascotte co-op. Amsterdam Genetics’ Marlies: “To cannabis connoisseurs, Amsterdam Genetics has become part and parcel of the top end of the business. Mascotte is a true household name; a rock-solid brand that’s every bit as synonymous for top quality products as we are. We can both skip the false modesty when we say we are very good at what we do; working together, that can only get better.”

Marlies adds that Mascotte and Amsterdam Genetics also share the bold spirit needed to bring about change. “Once those energies meet in a common philosophy, you’ll notice the effects down to the very last details; from design and packaging to an exceptionally smooth user experience. It’s great to see what happens when our mutual ambitions for high-end sophistication converge. That kind of passion breeds courage and resolve. It’s a simple matter of ‘lead; don’t  follow’, really; something Mascotte has been doing for more than a century now, with that characteristic Dutch level-headedness we love. It’s a mindset that makes us feel right at home – that’s when you know you have green gold on your hands.”