Paper Filters and Filter Tubes - Mascotte

Mascotte moves to plastic-free filters and filter tubes

For many years, we have manufactured and supplied the familiar Mascotte filters and filter tubes. The range of Mascotte filters and filter tubes will change over the coming period. We are switching to more environmentally friendly paper filters and filter tubes. On this page, you can find out why and what this might mean for the availability of your favourite product.

Paper filters and filter tubes are a more environmentally friendly alternative

Because most filters and filter tubes contain plastic and cannot be used multiple times, they qualify as single-use plastic products (SUPs). To minimise the environmental impact of such products, the European Union has created a directive: the so-called 'SUP Directive'. The main objective of the SUP directive is to end the use of SUPs where possible, but at least reduce it.

Mascotte has chosen to end the use of SUPs by making the separate filters and those that are in a filter tube out of paper from now on. This reduces the environmental impact of these products. Of course, it remains important for everyone to dispose of their filters appropriately in a(n) (pocket) ashtray or in the designated waste bin after use.

What will change?

Step by step, the range of filters and filter tubes is being updated.


  • Mascotte Original Slim Filters 120 (6 mm): are replaced by the new Mascotte Original Slim Paper Filters 120 with immediate effect.
  • Mascotte Original Extra Slim Filters 150 (5.3 mm): are replaced by Mascotte Original Extra Slim Paper Filters 150.
  • Mascotte Brown XL Slim Paper Filters 120: remain available, of course, but now come in updated bags.

Of the other plastic-containing filters in our range, we unfortunately cannot offer a paper version. Therefore, the following filters are (for now) not being sold anymore:

  • Mascotte Original Filters 100 (7 mm)
  • Mascotte Menthol Slim Filters 120

The bags of all Mascotte filters are henceforth made of recycled material.

Filter tubes

  • Mascotte Original Filter Tubes 200: are replaced by the new Mascotte Original Paper Filter Tubes 200 with immediate effect.
  • Mascotte X-Long Filter Tubes 200: are replaced by the new Mascotte X-Long Paper Filter Tubes 200.

Of the other plastic-containing filter tubes in our range, we are unfortunately unable to offer a paper version at short notice. Therefore, the following filter tubes are no longer being sold:

  • Mascotte Menthol Filter Tubes 200
  • Mascotte Fresh Cliq Filter Tubes 100
  • Mascotte Gold Filter Tubes 200
  • Mascotte Carbon Filter Tubes 200


The new Mascotte Paper Filter Tubes will be offered at competitive prices. As they do not contain plastic, no SUP fee will now be passed on to you as a consumer. As raw material prices have risen sharply, our production process has been significantly modified and new machinery has been purchased, the prices of Mascotte Paper Filter Tubes will be higher than the prices of current, plastic-containing filter tubes.


The packaging of the paper variants of the Mascotte filters and Mascotte filter tubes has a new, recognisable layout. They will also contain the 'plastic-free paper filters' logo. The image below shows what the new range of Mascotte Filters and Mascotte Filter Tubes looks like.


We understand that these changes may raise questions for you. The answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here. If the answer to your question is not listed there, you can  or by phone, by calling .

We hope you have been adequately informed and that you understand our decision to sell more environmentally friendly products.