Greenmeister - Mascotte

Greenmeister and Mascotte: Another Expert collaboration

Greenmeister and Mascotte will partner up! It is a logical development for both parties. Mascotte is the Expert in King Size papers and Greenmeister offers the best information about coffeeshops in The Netherlands. In other words: experts working with experts.

Both permium brands will be eachothers ambassadors. Greenmeister, the online platform that provides an easy overview of the offer and quality of nearly 600 Dutch coffeeshops, now also lets her consumers know where they can get their Mascotte products. Mascotte, on the other hand, will include Greenmeister in her promotional activities at coffeeshops.

According to Karel van Wesemael from Mascotte it is a win-win situation. ‘We want to work with Experts. Greenmeister is the number 1 in evaluating coffeeshops. De cannabisconsumer learns which shops fits best with him or her, where you can get your favourite or the best weed, where service is best and which facilities are available in a shop.

Now you can also see where you can get the best papers. This collaboration fits perfectly with our mission to optimally serve the expert roller. So good news for the concious consumer that wants quality and professionality’.

Onnick Jessayan from Greenmeister is happy with the partnership as well. ‘We love it that strong and serious brand like Mascotte is entering the cannabismarket. For me it is a sign that we as Greenmeister are on the right track. We both do it for the community. We want to break through the taboo that still surrounds cannabis. We both want to contribute to increasing the quality in coffeeshops. On our platform we provide the best information about coffeeshops and Mascotte is know for the perfect rolling papers. We have found each other in quality.” Want to check out Greenmeister and find you favourite products? Click here.