Bezt Etam - Mascotte

Bezt Etam x Mascotte

A Mascotte collab with Bezt, the world renowned street artist from Poland. He will use his unprecedented creativity to create a larger than life mural especially for this collab. And this mural led to the limited edition of the Mascotte Original Slim Combi. This makes us proud!

Curious about the journey of Bezt and his mural?

Experts Find Each Other

Experts recognize each other. And so it is not surprising that Mascotte partners with Bezt. This creative mind, part of the famous Polish graffiti duo Etam Cru, is one of the absolute top in his discipline. You can find his murals in hotspots around the world, such as New Orleans, Miami and Grenoble. And now there will be a new creation in his home country.

Bezt is the best of the best. The ultimate match with Mascotte. Experts Never Compromise.

Limited Edition and More

Bezt's impressive creative expressions deserve to be seen. Of course you will soon be able to admire his new mural in real life. But Mascotte also brings his art to you. And with a limited edition of the Mascotte Original Slim Combi, creativity and quality come together. The most beautiful art, the best rolling paper.

That's not all. We also celebrate the collaboration between Bezt Etam x Mascotte with exclusive merchandise, accessories and art prints. This way everyone can get their hands on this unique piece by Bezt. Inspiring content about this top artist is also coming. Stay tuned!

Forbidden Fruit

Bezt's beautiful artwork is based on the theme Forbidden Fruit. He depicts this, among other things, with a branch of the mountain ash, a tree that symbolizes sensitivity, desire and love dilemmas - feelings that can be food for one, but poison for the other. In early times, people believed that this tree drove out bad influences. You often saw the mountain ash next to houses and churches. In Bezt's eyes, the tree can also symbolize that which is not tolerated in some places, but is loved in more and more places; a forbidden fruit to enjoy.

Here You Will Find the Mural

Anyone traveling to the outskirts of the Polish city of Turek will be able to admire the mural with their own eyes in a beautiful spot in nature. Not your average location for a work of art like this, but that's what makes it special; it is special to see a mural in a more rural area.

That was exactly the deciding factor for Bezt. Where murals are usually seen in large cities to attract a larger audience, the work here has a more personal character; it is there for the people who live here. Normally few people pay attention to a place like this, but Bezt does. He used to walk here often to relax and be closer to nature. The atmosphere is calm, there are different birds to spot and the environment is different every time you visit. A special place for a mural!

How To Get Your Hands On

The Booklet

The Mascotte Original Slim Combi Bezt Etam Limited Edition is available now. Bezt's impressive creative expressions deserve to be seen. Mascotte brings his art to you with a limited edition of the Mascotte Slim Size Combipack.

The most beautiful art, the best rolling paper. Get it while you can.