Mascotte x Amsterdam Genetics Original Slim Magnet

Quality meets quality. Try the exclusive papers from Mascotte and Amsterdam Genetics.

Burning Slow
Light Weight
Magnetic closure
Curl & Wrinkle Free
34 vel


Mascotte and Amsterdam Genetics joining forces! This means one thing: quality meets quality. The result is these exclusive rolling papers recognisable by the watermark of both brand names. The golden packaging makes this edition complete. The true connoisseur will notice nothing has changed. He or she experiences the same top quality they are used at Mascotte. Experts never compromise. In this product you will find 34 Original slim size papers for rolling a perfect joint. They burn evenly and roll easily. Apart from its slick design, the papers are in a compact but sturdy booklet with the well-known magentic closure to protect the quality of your papers.


More Information
Material Original
Size Slim Size
Type 34 leafs
Weight 14 gram
Characteristics Burning Slow, Light Weight, Magnetic closure, Curl & Wrinkle Free, 34 vel

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