Mascotte Masters

We proudly present Mascotte Masters. Top artists Kevin, Jonna Fraser and ADF Samski will release their own limited edition Mascotte rolling paper in the coming months – and we’re gonna celebrate! But how? An exclusive design inspired by their own music has to go hand in hand with a release. Each artist will drop a track and video in the shape of a beautiful live session on the release day of the limited editions. Enjoy these tracks on our website, on the Top Notch YouTube channel and of course on Spotify.

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Who hasn’t rolled with the limited editions by Hef, Josylvio and Wally A$M? Whut?!  Did you completely miss this or do you want to melancholically rewatch it? Click on the link and see how we followed these artists from the start of their creation tot the final exclusive drop. PAY ATTENTION: all these products have been sold out for a long time…. (tip: get involved early on next time).