Fraser Paper by Jonna Fraser

The first blow is half the battle: Mascotte Masters has successfully launched Slowfu by Kevin! A good reason to keep going. Which is why Mascotte proudly announces the second limited edition in the Mascotte Masters series: Fraser Paper, exclusive rolling paper by the one and only Jonna Fraser. Besides new limited editions in your local smart and coffeeshop also a new live session!

Mascotte proudly presents Fraser Paper, the exclusive rolling papers by Jonna Fraser. This limited edition is inspired by ‘Blessed’, the title of 2 Jonna’s albums and of his YouTube channel. Blessed is also the word that characterizes him best and symbolizes his position in the music industry. Jonna is an artist that oozes serenity, calm and control. He is talented, comfortable in his skills and confident. Not upcoming, but an established rap artist and singer that is thankful for the journey he travelled. You see these characteristics reflected in the design of the combi pack. An azure blue sky with a rising sun, derived from Jonna’s logo. You feel the vibe: everything will be fine if you live in love and gratitude. On the front of the booklet it states ‘nature if beautiful’, because the link with Mother Nature is strong and on the inside there are unbleached, natural Mascotte Brown papers. Hence Fraser Paper!

Brand new design, familiar content. That’s Fraser Paper in a nutshell. Inside these exclusive all-in-one Mascotte Brown Slim Combi you find the original Mascotte papers and tips that the expert roller knows and loves. Only unbleached. The 34 lightweight papers burn slowly and are self-extinguishing. This limited edition with magnet closure has a Top Notch x Mascotte bodyguard and a 6-to-go warning leaf. 34 Mascotte Brown tips made from flexible paper make the combi pack complete. Are you interested in the exclusive papers of Jonna Fraser?

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