Freshvloei by ADF Samski

Our Mascotte Masters campaign ends on a high note! Rising star ADF Samski provides the final chord: his Freshvloei is the third and last limited edition in this successful series. The ultimate endgame that you have never seen before. With a strikingly colorful design and an augmented reality (AR) upgrade, and ADF Samski appearing in your living room through a QR code, this Fresh Prince of the North goes all-out.


We cherish this success, but for a final you really give it your all. With that in mind we collaborated with Top Notch to do just that. And it worked. We’re over the moon that ADF Samski will soon pop up in your living room and play an excerpt from his new song 'Gouden Ticket'.


Grab the Freshvloei rolling paper, scan the QR code on the packaging and enjoy the performance!

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