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  • Why is Mascotte 3x better?

    Mascotte rolls better,
    sticks better,
    burns better.
    Mascotte 3x better

  • Are trees cut down for the production of rolling papers?

    Mascotte paper is 100% natural rolling paper, made from plant fibres. No trees are needed for the production of the papers. We are as green as our packs!

  • You cannot use the first paper. Why is that?

    The first leaf is the "Bodyguard". It protects the 50 rolling papers coming out of its packaging.

  • How do I make sure that my tube filling machine has a long life?

    Your Mascotte Tube Filling Machine will stay in perfect condition by cleaning it in soapy water.

  • I’m out of stock. How can I solve this problem?

    Mascotte offers you also multi packs ensuring you are never out of stock.

  • How to keep my papers?

    Keep them In a dry place and preferably not in your tobacco pouch.

  • Can I use tobacco from a pouch in my tube filling machine?

    No – Rolling tobacco is moister and coarser than tobacco which is specifically produced for Making Your Own using tubes and filling machines.

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